Brian’s Lawn Care started with borrowing his father’s push mower and going door to door with flyers.

At the age of 15, Brian R. Willhite started mowing lawns in Emporia, Kansas. He borrowed his dad’s push mower and pushed it to nearby yards. Not having a car meant he had to start out close to home. Brian passed out flyers to his neighbors and began to grow his lawn care business.

Instead of quitting at the end of the summer when school started, Brian decided he wanted to continue taking care of his new customers in spite of having a busy schedule as a high schooler. He ran cross country and track at Emporia High School, so his days started at 5 AM with morning practice before getting ready for school.

When the end of his school day arrived at 3 PM, Brian practiced for another two hours before arriving home. Most days, he would mow lawns until dark. He continued this all through high school, sacrificing social events for his business. One year, on the last day of school, a buddy from school — driving his dad’s Mustang convertible — saw Brian and stopped by, yelling, “Come on, man! Let’s head out to the lake!” But Brian had customers and he couldn’t let them down. He thanked his friend and kept working on the lawn. He was committed.

As he saved money from his business, Brian bought his first riding mower and truck trailer. After graduating from Emporia High School, he attended Emporia State University for two years before deciding he wanted to pursue his lawn care business full time.

With nearly two decades of experience, Brian continues with his lawn care business today. He built up Brian’s Lawn Care himself, going from a teenager’s after-school job to a full-time company here in Emporia.